5 Things You Start to Notice When You Commute by Bike

Two months ago, I switched from driving my car to bicycling almost everywhere I go. My experience has been entirely positive. Now, I’m trying to get everyone I know who lives in the city to give commuting by bike a try.

On that note, here are 5 interesting things you start to notice when you commute by bike!

1. Other Cyclists

I never realized how many other cyclists there are in my town until I started biking everywhere myself. I’m keenly aware of it now.

I’ve also started paying more attention to other cyclists’ gear, which is something I never paid a single second of attention to before. I always check to see if they’re riding a road bike, mountain bike, or cargo bike. You’d be surprised how many people buy cargo bikes in Canada!

2. How Much Stuff You Buy

Most of us are guilty of taking our ‘stuff’ for granted. We haul home shopping bags full of junk like it’s nothing.

But when you commute by bike, the things you buy start to weigh on you. Literally.

Since I started biking to the store, I no longer go on big grocery shopping sprees or buy useless stuff from the dollar store. My trips are shorter, since I don’t want to have to carry 40 pounds of things on my back while riding home.

Don’t get me wrong, I still eat well (in fact, now that I’m biking, I get hungrier and eat more.) But I only buy what I need and spend less on junk food.

3. Sounds of Your Neighbourhood

When I drive, I have the car radio on. When I walk, I have headphones on. But when I bike, my ears are open to all the sounds around me.

I know exactly what time the birds start chirping in my neighbourhood (5:15AM), how the church bells sound in different parts of the city, and my next-door neighbour’s favourite genre of music.

That’s kind of cool.

4. Your Resilience

I am an extremely lazy person. But that laziness doesn’t stop me from getting around.

You can’t just stop in the middle of a steep hill on the road; you must keep pedalling, even if it makes you feel like crap. If it’s raining, you get wet. When it’s hot, you sweat, and your makeup runs.

It feels good to know I have at least a shred of resilience in me, even if I am shiftless and lazy. It just took biking to bring it out!

5. How Much Money You Save

Sure, it’s nice to hear the birds sing and feel the wind in your hair. But the single biggest benefit of commuting by bike is not having to pay a cent on gasoline. It saves me at least $60 a month. Eventually, I might take those savings and cargo bike, so I have even less of a need to drive. I’ve already been looking into options to buy a cargo bike in Canada.

Bjorn Borg Plays a Game of Tennis Across the US – Mexico Border

Swedish sportswear brand Bjorn Borg has orchestrated a tennis match on the US – Mexico boarder with one player on either side. It is an initiative to unite people through sport.

With a world full of conflict and rivalry that lead to frustration, causing people and nations to build walls between each other. But rivalry can also be something good, after all, a rival pushes you to perform better and often brings out the best of you.


Borg Open is there way to state that Bjorn Borg as a sports brand believes in an open world.

On average a tennis player swaps sides 13 times during a game. In this game, they weren’t allowed to. Borg Open – tennis across borders, is an initiative intended to encourage people to stop build walls and play a game of tennis instead.

The tennis match was played at Tijuana River, between San Diego (US) and Tijuana (MX) 32°32’29.93″N 117° 2’19.57″W.

Large Dome For Soccer

There is a huge advantage when having an indoor facility. You can have different activities such as sports, gatherings, events, concerts, tournaments and more. No matter what the weather situations are, night or day, it will be safe, clean and friendly environment for the people inside. One popular sport nowadays is soccer. For the athletes or soccer players can practice without having to worry the weather. The bad weather cannot disturb their training and they can focus more in the improvement of each member of the team. Training have a huge impact to all athletes that allows skills to strengthens and improves. The result of hard training is having fewer mistakes and a better performance in the field. For short, training is very important to the players. That’s why a secure indoor facility can help them achieve the result they wanted to have during their training.


People love watching soccer games. The idea for a comfortable and viewable place is to have a large dome for soccer. It is a best place to spend watching a sport like this without the problem of getting wet when it begun to rain. For the players, keeping their focus in game without the place being muddy because of the rain. All people inside the dome are safe and comfortable. Even under the sun or raining. The dome covers the field and gives protection to all.

There are company caters or manufactures dome. If you are interested and curious about the cost soccer dome – Farley Group give you a reasonable price. They are expert for custom build air structures of all sizes to accommodate your specific requirements. They will guide you in making decision regarding the dome materials and other details. Even the structure is finish, they will continue to deliver the high quality of maintenance services from the professionals at the Farley Group.

An Arena Made For Sports

A sport can’t be played to satisfy the world’s entertainment if there is no arena or stadium for the players to perform in.  That’s why sports arenas are so important to the sanctity of sports and its fans.  It’s not just about the players; it’s about the setting.  Let’s take a look at the biggest stadiums in the world.

First on the list and the biggest is Rungrado May Day Stadium, located in Pyongyang, North Korea.  It can seat 150,000 people and fit three football fields.


Second is Michigan Stadium, located in Ann Arbour, Michigan.  It can seat 107,601 people and is used primarily for football games.  University of Michigan also hosts all their college football games in this stadium.

Third biggest is Beaver Stadium, located at University Park, Pennsylvania.  It can seat 106,572 people and belongs to Pennsylvania State University.  This stadium is the second largest in the United States and is also primarily used to host football games.