Bjorn Borg Plays a Game of Tennis Across the US – Mexico Border

Swedish sportswear brand Bjorn Borg has orchestrated a tennis match on the US – Mexico boarder with one player on either side. It is an initiative to unite people through sport.

With a world full of conflict and rivalry that lead to frustration, causing people and nations to build walls between each other. But rivalry can also be something good, after all, a rival pushes you to perform better and often brings out the best of you.


Borg Open is there way to state that Bjorn Borg as a sports brand believes in an open world.

On average a tennis player swaps sides 13 times during a game. In this game, they weren’t allowed to. Borg Open – tennis across borders, is an initiative intended to encourage people to stop build walls and play a game of tennis instead.

The tennis match was played at Tijuana River, between San Diego (US) and Tijuana (MX) 32°32’29.93″N 117° 2’19.57″W.